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Quality products. Great prices. Solid people.

APXautoparts.com has a different model when it comes to the auto parts industry. We have a direct connection to the factories that supply our auto parts. This allows us to provide a different customer experience that results in the development of long term relationships with our customers. That customer experience consists of several key elements.

Quality of our parts...

The parts and services that APX sells must be top quality. From the time you order your part to the installation of the part and beyond, we want to make sure that all points of that experience are first class. This includes the little details like someone answering the phone when you have questions. Someone following up with you promptly when after sales support is required. The products that we sell are tested, durable, and fit your automobile like the original parts.

Our prices...

APX has positioned itself to be a direct importer of products. The idea is to cut out the multiple layers of middlemen that drive the end user price to ridiculous levels. Nothing brings a smile to our face more than a customer saving money. Our goal is to offer top quality product at an aggressive price. We want you to have the same quality as the premium product without the paying the premium price. To do that, APX keeps overheads low and makes sure there is value in every step of the process.

MIntegrity means everything...

APX wants to fill a niche that we believe is unfulfilled in the new world of the Internet. We do not want to function like the general E-Bay world. You place and order and it shows up at a time of their choosing. When we tell you it ships on the same day, it will ship that day. If your part requires special shipping requirements, those requirements are followed and the part ships per your instruction. You are sent freight tracking details upon product release and if there is a delivery exception, it is handled promptly. If there is a part return, APX will pay the freight back and make sure your credit card is promptly refunded. In other words, we offer a no hassle and no risk experience. If anything is not to your satisfaction, we make it right no matter the cost to APX. Our staff and our systems back up this commitment. If you call our office, our commitment to you is that you will speak to a human that is knowledgeable about your product and is excited to make sure you are taken care of promptly. No more calling and listening to an electronic messaging service. No more trying to return a product that the vendor really does not want to take it back. You are the customer and the goal is to satisfy you and not avoid our responsibilities to you.

Hand selected vendors...

APX wants to share with you how we qualify vendors overseas. The first goal is to buy directly to reduce the middleman and keep your cost reasonable. Beyond cost, APX looks at key factors like quality and integrity. Our overseas vendors are just like APX with the same commitment to integrity and value. Our vendors are small businesses just like us that want to keep an intimate relationship with their customer. These individuals are committed to craftsmanship and take great pride in their product and their processes. For those of you that come from a manufacturing background, our vendors are ISO 9000 certified and have many more certificates for quality. Their factories are state of the art with professional engineers on staff. As an exporter of goods, their quality has to remain high because there are no second chances. Their parts ship to all points on the globe and have to stand up to harsh conditions in places like Siberia or Africa.

Another point to consider is that we work with only one manufacturer for each of our product lines to ensure consistent quality. Many of the direct importers use multiple manufacturers to fill out a product line. Direct importers approach a consolidator that pulls their order together for containerization and lowest price. In theory, that should work except for limited due diligence and in some cases no due diligence regarding the vendors providing the parts. The focus is on price and selling products that appear to be a great buy that are not because those parts will simply not stand the test of time. The goal is to make obscene profits quick and kill the line when the word gets out that the product is not good. That is how parts sourced overseas have gotten a bad reputation for quality..

Our approach is completely different. APX does qualify each vendor in detail because we do not have to qualify so many like the consolidator model above. It also costs a lot more to develop a direct relationship and qualify the vendor properly. However, APX is in this for the long term and not the short term. APX does focus on cost, but it focuses more on the overall value, which balances cost and quality. You can make anything at a desired level of quality, it just depends upon how much you want to spend. All of our vendors are actually OEM parts suppliers to major automotive manufacturers. We say this to illustrate the level of quality that APX is looking for in our vendors. Large automotive companies do even more due diligence that can take years to complete. All of our vendors have gone through this qualification process with major automotive companies.

Give us a try...

We just want to say thank you for considering us as your favorite automotive parts supplier. Our goal is to really change the "cold" model of the Internet buying process. We want to replace it with a comfortable shopping experience. That is one where you speak to a human and are treated like a customer should be treated. We hope that our story gives you comfort about who we are and how you will be treated. This model only works if everyone from the supplier and everyone in our organization is committed to the same goal. That is a quality product at a great price backed up by solid processes and people. Please give us a try

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