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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

I am changing my shocks and struts and want to also replace other wearable parts. What all do I need?

The most common parts that are changed during a strut replacement are boot kits, strut mounts with bearings, rubber shock bushings and stabilizer bar links.

Do these struts include boots and strut mounts?

A good rule of thumb on our website is that your item comes with everything that is pictured. We use actual pictures in all of our listings and try to include any hardware and bushings as well.

Do you recommend also buying the boots?

Boots help protect the strut rods from rust and corrosion and also help prevent particulate matter from penetrating the shock seal which would cause the shock to leak its fluids and fail. We recommend replacing your boots. It is possible to reuse your OE boots if they are in good condition.

I occasionally haul a small trailer, will these Sensen struts be enough?

Sensen struts are manufactured to meet OE quality standards and specifications. If your OE struts met your performance standards during their product life cycle then Sensen struts should do the job for you as well.

How is your price so much cheaper compared to other brands?

We purchase our products direct from the North American distribution arm of the factories they represent. We cut out a lot of middle men from the product purchase cycle.

Are the Sensen shocks mono tube or dual tube design?

Sensen shocks and struts utilize the reliable twin-tube design.

Shipping Questions

Where will my parts ship from?

We have warehouses in North Carolina and in California. We optimally source your parts based on your location and our inventory availability so that you receive them as fast as possible. We can not guarantee that your part can ship from a particular warehouse, but you will know pretty quickly based on the source scan when you receive your shipments tracking number.

Who qualifies for free shipping?

Only those in the 48 continental United States qualify for free shipping. Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. Protectorates, APOs and other countries do not receive free shipping.

How much does it cost to ship to my country?

Simply add the item to cart, Click "View" cart in the top right corner of your screen and you will see a Shipping Estimator tool which will ask for your country and zip code.

Fitment/Application Questions

These look like the right parts for my vehicle. I just want to make sure. How do I know this part will fit my vehicle?

The best place to start shopping for parts related to shock and strut installation would be to search our online PDF catalog located here: http://apxautoparts.com/SENSEN-Catalog-with-Sets.pdf. A useful tip is to hit "Control + F" and search for your vehicle. Pay close attention to any unique fitment notes like AWD or FWD. This catalog gives you the individual part numbers for shocks, struts, mounts and boots. Another method is to go to category and use the Year, Make and Model search.

Do you carry ________ parts for my vehicle?

To find out if we carry a particular part for your vehicle please go to ategory page and use the Year, Make and Model search. It will automatically pull up every part that we carry for your vehicle.

There are two different sets of struts that say fit my vehicle. How do I know which one is correct?

If two different set numbers pull up for your vehicle it likely means that there is a special fitment note like "AWD" or "FWD" or perhaps a split year. The best place to narrow your search would be to search our online PDF catalog located here: http://apxautoparts.com/SENSEN-Catalog-with-Sets.pdf. Another method is to check Vehicle Fit tab on the product page.

Installation Questions

Do these parts come with installation instructions?

We do not currently include installation instructions on paper but we do have an extensive collection of installation instructional videos at http://youtube.com/apxautoparts. We have videos for many of the most popular vehicles. If you can not find a video for your vehicle you will likely be able to find an installation that is very similar to yours.

Should I replace coil springs?

OE coil springs rarely go bad which is why we typically only carry wearable items like boot kits, strut mounts, bearings, bushings and shocks and struts. We are continuing to expand our line of complete strut assemblies called Speedy Struts which replaces the entire strut unit with one part number including boots, mounts, bushings, coil springs and the strut itself.

Will I be able to use my existing boots and strut mounts?

You can reuse your boots and strut mounts if you or your mechanic determines that they are still in good condition. Just keep in mind that bearings and rubber components wear over time so it is a good idea to replace them.

If I bring these to a mechanic what other parts are they going to say that I might need for the installation.

The most common parts that are changed during a strut replacement are boot kits, strut mounts with bearings, rubber shock bushings and stabilizer bar links.

Ordering Questions

Why am I unable to reach you by phone?

We are an American company based in North Carolina and our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00 EST. If you have a question after hours you can use the live chat function at the bottom right hand corner of our website to submit a question to us. We strive to answer every question within 1 business day. You may also find an answer to your question right here on this FAQ page!

Can you put put a fictitiously low value on the invoice for customs purposes?

This is considered fraud by the postal service and can put our ability to ship to International customers at risk. Sorry, we are not able to put a lower value on the invoice than what you purchased the item at.

I want to buy a product but I do not see an "add to cart" button?

If you do not see an "add to cart" button, this usually means that the item is currently out of stock. We are working with our programming team to make this more clear.

When will you have this item back in stock?

We try our best to forecast our inventory needs so that we never run out of stock on an item. We purchase inventory by the container loads so when an item does go out of stock it can take as long as 30-60 days for us to receive it. We do not currently have a system in place to have a set date for each item. Please keep checking back on our website as our inventory will automatically put the item back in stock as soon as the parts arrive.

After-the-Purchase Questions

I installed your struts now my car feels like it rides a little higher. Is this normal?

As your shocks and struts wear over time the make your car gradually ride lower, so it is quite common to feel like your car rides a little higher after you install new shocks and struts.

You sent me a defective part, what can I do?

Please use the Live Chat option in the bottom right corner and send us a message with the year, make and model of your vehicle, your name and order number and the part number that is the issue. We strive very hard to take care of our customers with first-class customer service. If we sent you a defective part we can offer to send you a replacement or issue you a refund upon return of the item. Based on the situation it is possible we will send you a pre-paid shipping label so that you will not have to pay for return shipping of the defective part.

I think you sent me the wrong parts, what should I do?

First we want to determine if part number that is stamped on the part, matches the part number that is printed on the box label. Sometimes the factory will accidentally put the wrong part in the wrong box. Please check this and if you find a mix-boxed part please contact us using the Live Chat option in the bottom right corner and send us a message with the year, make and model of your vehicle, your name and order number and the part number that is the issue. If you have a mis-boxed item we will resend you the correct part along with a pre-paid return tag so that you can return the wrong item.

I ordered the wrong parts, what can I do?

If you ordered the incorrect parts without checking to make sure they fit your vehicle you can still return the items. We ask that you call us to receive an RGA number and mail the items back to APXautoparts.com 233 N. Hwy 701 Bypass, Tabor City, NC 28463. Be sure to put the RGA number on the shipping label. Once we receive the parts back we will issue you a refund minus 15% RESTOCKING FEE. You can re-order the correct set at any time.

How does your warranty work?

Sensen shocks and struts has one of the leading lifetime warranties in the industry. If you run into any problems, please use the Live Chat option in the bottom right corner and send us a message your name, order number and date of purchase. We will assign you an RGA number and be in touch to give you further instructions.

These shocks seem to be on the stiff side. Will this ride "smooth out" over time? Do the shocks need a "break in time"?

The compression rates on our shocks are designed to be the same as the industry leading competitor and are designed to closely match the OE specs for the make and model of your vehicle. Some drivers of certain vehicles like a Lexus might be used to a cushy ("springy") ride. Typically when your shocks go bad your vehicle is "riding on the coil springs" which gives the car a bouncy feel to it. New shocks cause your tires to safely hug the road so you will feel the road more than before. This is perfectly normal. Shocks do tend to smooth out over time. After 50,000+ miles you should consider replacing them again.

The left shock is a lot less stiff than the right shock. Should I install these?

You want to make sure that the right side and left side shocks have equal compression. If you feel like they are not balanced when you compress them manually before installation, use the Live Chat option in the bottom right corner and let us know the issue so that we can offer a solution. Be sure to give us your name, order number and date of purchase.

These shocks appear to be a different length than what I took off of my vehicle. Is that normal?

First off, we benchmark our shocks to the industry leading competitors in the aftermarket to ensure our parts are of equal fit, form and function. Sometimes in the aftermarket, manufacturers will modify OE designs to be able to expand application coverage for the part number. For example, rather than having two different part numbers to cover year ranges for a 96-98 and 99-00, the designs may have been modified so that one part number can cover the entire 96-00 year ranges.

Return Policy

We have 30-Day Return Policy with a 15% Restocking Fee. All returning items must be uninstalled, unmodified, new, still in manufacture's box. All customers who return damaged or modified parts will be denied a refund.


REQUIRES A COPY OF YOUR ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT. FAILURE TO PROVIDE YOUR RECEIPT WILL LIMIT YOUR WARRANTY COVERAGE TO 24 MONTHS. APX warrants that our products are free from defects in material and workmanship when in normal use and service of the vehicle on which it was installed. APX extends this warranty to the owner of the vehicle provided that the ownership has not changed since the installation of the unit. Should one of our products fail during normal use, as described above, customers must repurchase a new APX part to replace a possible defective unit and return the failed unit to APX for a complete warranty analysis. Once APX has approved the warranty, a refund will be issued for new part purchase. APX DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY LABOR CLAIMS. Our company and product liability is strictly limited to the replacement of the unit once APX has determined it to be defective. This warranty is VOIDED for units which have been altered, modified, lowered, damaged, misused, improperly installed, contaminated with dirt or other substances, or used in applications other than recommended in our catalog.

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