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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 64 Reviews

Mini Cooper Shocks & Struts by Gerry

Just replaced the shocks & struts in my 2002 R50. The set dropped right in without any needed mods. The car now rides much stiffer - which I like. Can't beat the "price/performance" ratio.

cheap price but nice struts by Allen in Jenison, MI

Mechanic was skeptical when I told him how much I bought these for but he said they looked liked good looking struts. I'm certainly happy with the ride.

fast shipping and good looking parts by Rick in Olive Branch, MS

I was pretty happy to get a full set of shocks for my 1999 Isuzu rodeo for just $110. The guy at the repair shop was trying to charge me $250. That inspired me to try installing these myself and I was able to do it! I'll certainly be doing business with you in the future.

excellent quality for the price by Kent in Follansbee, WV

I bought these for my 2004 Honda Element. The price was excellent and I am very satisfied with how they ride. When are you guys planning on carrying the fronts?

Amazing Price and Nice Product by Tom in Wesley Chapel, FL

$160 for a full set of Camry struts? My first thought was, are you kidding me?? I am very happy with this purchase. They arrived here quick. looked good and the ride is great.

Fast Delivery, Right Parts by Sharon in Woodland, CA

I was expecting my parts to come from APX's North Carolina warehouse but was glad to see that they came from a warehouse in California. Very fast shipping! Thanks!

Sensen speedy struts by Lou

I just finished installing a set of Speedy Struts on my 1999 Camry and I am happy with the results. A few weeks earlier I also installed a set on my daughters 1998 Camry. The Sensen's bolted on with no problems and every mounting bracket was perfect with everything lining up exactly. These seem like well made struts and springs, The ride is now firmer than stock and that is exactly what I was looking for because the stock struts were very soft and the Camry handled poorly before I installed the SenSens. They are also very quite with no knocks or creaks. I have never heard of SenSen before but I got a recommendation from a master tech auto mechanic friend who has used them with good results. How long will they last? I am not sure but I feel good about them so far. One note about APX. I received both sets very quickly in about 3 days. Both shipments were missing one of the struts top bolts, I just used a old bolt from the old struts but I thought it was kind of odd that each shipment was missing just one.

f-150 speedy struts by thomas

I live in the northeast where potholes are a common thing. Well last winter I slammed into one doing 65 mph and right away my truck was pulling to the right. I took it to the shop because I figured my alignment was knocked out by the pothole but the shop told me it was a broken a arm bushing. Ok so they replaced both left and right a arm bushings and did an alignment too. Driving home I felt my truck was still pulling to the right so I took it back to the shop and alignment was fine. Shop said could be a damaged strut. They quoted me almost $800 to do all struts and shocks on the truck. I said no way. That's when I found apx and the sensen speedy struts. Installation of struts and shocks took me about for hours. Probably less if I had the proper tools. Anyway the ride and handling of my truck are so awesome now and no more pulling to the right. I found that the right side strut was almost completely shot and no hard as a rock in comparison to the left side strut. Which was probably caused by hitting the pothole. It's been pretty windy up here the last week and gusts of wind no longer blow the truck around at highway speeds and the ride is really nice now. For $243 for sen sen speedy struts and rear shocks I would highly recommend apx as the place to go.

very good shock by dede racing usa

u want great shock on ur hyundai us sensen is very good strut and cheap price!!!

the shocks look good by Linda

I really like going on line to purchase.

great struts by chadweber

I put sensen struts on my 2003 civic lx and lowered it 2 inches on skunk 2 lowering springs. installing them wasnt bad except we had to drill the bolt holes a little bigger. the holes were too small. the ride felt factory. not one complaint about them. i have a 92 civic now and the previous owner lowered it on factory struts. i definitely plan on replacing them with sensen.

great product! awesome price! by cuba

The ride is fantastic. Don't look any where else. Overnight delivery was awesome! Great look and not to mention a great ride.

Made a big improvement by Dan Q

I recently replaced all four struts on our 2006 Camry, and what a difference! The rears were the most worn out, and the new ones corrected the squatting when accelerating, and the tail-lift when braking. Perhaps the best part was the price, I felt I wasn't getting overcharged. Can't beat this deal!

Firm ride at a great price with great service from APX by LawnRanger

I purchased and installed all four a couple of weeks ago. The ride quality is much firmer now and handling and control is much improved over my originals (which had 65k miles and one busted front strut). The build quality looks much like OEM. I am told by a mechanic they they look like KYB. I was highly impressed with the fast shipping and service I received before the sale from APX. The only thing I would have done differently is purchase the strut mounts from APX. They have them, you just need to call for the part number. Mine were fine but I think it would have been better with new ones. I recommend having a tire shop do the mount and spring swap for you instead of renting a compression tool. It does not cost much and will save you time and possibly injury and aggravation. That is what I did and it was worth the $50. Took them about 30 minutes to do both.

Just as Good as the Expensive Brands by Zeke

I put these on myself and what a quality shock. The other brands like KYB and Monroe cost more because of marketing and profit margins not because of quality. Great price, Great product.

Very good deal... by vfb

For the front struts - the hole in the brake hose bracket was too small and had to be enlarged with a die grinder (or a round file). I'm not the only one to have this problem. However - in all fairness - minor fitment issues like this are not terribly uncommon with aftermarket struts. Other than that the fit, finish and installation were fine, and they certainly seem to perform well. If they hold up over the long term these will be far and away the best strut/shock deal available for this car.

Very good value by Darth Vad3r

I installed these on a Speed 3, figuring the 5 set would have a bit more damping than the 3 set. This has turned out to be true and this is the way the car should ave come from the factory, unlike the garbage shocks Mazda equipped the Speed 3 with. Some minor mods needed to fit. The brake line bracket hole was a touch small (hand file fix) and the plastic dust cap under the boot needed a touch of dremel work to go over the bigger top cap on these struts. the back shocks went in without alteration. A super value and highly recommended.

cant go wrong with these by Randy in PA

Wife's 99 Forester was wearing the tires very unevenly and I finally determined it was the front struts. I typically buy big name brands but wasnt sure how much longer we would keep this car. I have to say that I was really impressed with the quality of these Sensens. I would recommend them whether you plan on keeping your car for a while or not.

Nice Shocks and Brake Wear Sensors by David in CA

I noticed my car was in desperate need of front shocks and a brake job so I went out on the net looking for what I needed. This is the best deal I could find out there on both shocks and on the Brake Wear Sensor 10023. Both parts worked out really well.

Very easy installation by Jason

I was going to purchase the regular set of struts that APX carries but came across this Super Set option. I must say, it made installation a breeze. I am very pleased with the performance. Feels much stiffer than the OEs I replaced but it is a very pleasant stiffness.

Good deal...so much better by Wowza72

I would recommend these to anyone.

Lexus mechanic here by mcgrathlexus

Customer brought these in. We normally don't install customer purchased parts but caved since these were complete struts. Looked good and easy to install. Only took it for a short test ride but felt like our standard original equipment product.

great price by stutler2007

Dear apx I bought a set of sturts for a 2001 Hyudia from you and I am very satisfied with the price and service you gave me and i'm wanting to do more bisneess with you again.You sent me a coupon for my next purchase and it got throw away by accident I would like to use it on these struts if possible?


I had to replace my air suspension struts and saw that these struts were less expensive than the others on the market. I was scepical that they would not be as good. The customer service person told me they were made very well and the ride would be close to the same as my air struts. I put them in and the the ride is very , very , close to my original air ride suspension. I am very satisfied and would recommend these struts any day of the week. This company has excellent customer service and they understand its importance to satisfy their customers. APX guided me correctly ,and the product was delivered quickly , but most important..... THE PRODUCT IS GREAT. My mom has the 1999 Lexus LS 400with regular suspension struts, and the ride is the same with these struts. If you put these in your Lesus, for the price and Quality , you wont be disappointed. Mitch

2001 Honda Civic 4dr EX by rey_civic

Installed these shocks over a month ago and let me say they are an outstanding upgrade over your factory struts. Ride quality improve a lot, they are a little bit stiff than OEM but overall they perform geat. i have them installed with Gold Line lowering spring and replace the whole mounting plate and bump stops with KYB. Will recomend to anyone, APX auto parts shipping was fast plus the part itself was a great buy.

Great value, plus the warranty equals win! by eroars

Purchased for my 2007 Speed3, and other than a dremel fix to the struts, the install went pretty quickly. Dampening feels stock but at a much better price. Highly recommend.

Good by D

Good product

Great Product and Recommended for Every Car Owner by Allan of Canada

I purchased a set of these for a 2006 Mazda 3. Overall appearance is great and well-made and this performs just like the OEM's. My observations during and after the install are as follows: The OEM strut's top seal is mounted flush on the strut body while this brand's top seal is crimped with a metal cap. The OEM white plastic cover inside the rubber boot will not fully seat on the top seal plate cap, I just left the cap on just to prevent debris from entering the strut shaft. The bottom (where you will mount to the knuckle) part of the strut is not tapered, thus, the strut will not fully go down on the knuckle, you will be off by a few millimeters, just make sure you really tighten the pinch bolt on the knuckle. The hole on mounting plate for the original brake lines needs to be filled off or make a few mods so you can install the brake like clips. The rear shocks are easier to install, you also have to do a little modification on the hole were you mount the brake lines. After the complete install for the fronts, the car now rides like a brand new of the lot car. Customer service is excellent, they addressed my issues immediately after I notified them of some minor imperfection of the product. Overall, this is an excellent product in terms of price and overall performance. Sensen should do some changes especially on the bottom part the front strut which should be slightly tapered. This could be a safety concern if the DIY person installing this strut on a similar car did not fully tighten the pinch bolt on the front knuckle whenever the strut will not fully go down the knuckle. This product have a lifetime warranty (as advertised), I hope, this will not fail in just a few months, but let’s see if Sensen will live to its advertised promise. I will suggest this product to everyone.

excellent price by Sal

excellent price and quality

2002 Accord Struts - full set by Ray

PERFORMANCE: Improvement over old stock struts with 150K mi over rough surface. Inferior compared to stock over slight bumps at low speed. INSTALL: Parts came with no installation instructions. I had figure out what part to transfer of the factory strut. Rear strut did not come with long boot, I wanted to reuse the factory long booth but wasn't sure if it is compatible. PRICE / PERFORMANCE: 4 out of 5 QUALITY / DURABILITY: Too early to tell

APX Auto Parts - SenSen Shocks & Struts. Buy affordable auto suspension parts. is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 64 user reviews.
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