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1460 - SENSEN Shocks Struts for Mazda 3/5, Full Set, 4 Pieces, Lifetime Warranty

SKU: 1460

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1460 - SENSEN Shocks Struts for Mazda 3 5, Full Set, 4 Pieces, Lifetime Warranty
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As a professional automotive shock absorber manufacturer and distributor, SENSEN has developed into a company that integrates research, production and sales of shock absorbers with an annual production capacity of 7 million pieces, covering nearly 5500 items.

Additional Information

Warranty Yes
Child SKU 4214-0588, 4214-0589, 3212-0183, 3212-0183
KYB Cross Reference 334700, 334701, 343412
Monroe Cross Reference 72263, 72264, 5607
Gabriel Cross Reference G52006, G52005, 70003
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Customer Reviews

Nice Mazda 5 shocks Review by Matt in Fresno, CA
First time installing struts myself. It took me all day one Sunday but I was able to do it thanks to some info I found on the net. Everything fit great and these certainly fixed the ride issues I was having with my Mazda 5.
Very good value Review by Darth Vad3r
I installed these on a Speed 3, figuring the 5 set would have a bit more damping than the 3 set. This has turned out to be true and this is the way the car should ave come from the factory, unlike the garbage shocks Mazda equipped the Speed 3 with.

Some minor mods needed to fit. The brake line bracket hole was a touch small (hand file fix) and the plastic dust cap under the boot needed a touch of dremel work to go over the bigger top cap on these struts. the back shocks went in without alteration.

A super value and highly recommended.
Very good deal... Review by vfb
For the front struts - the hole in the brake hose bracket was too small and had to be enlarged with a die grinder (or a round file). I'm not the only one to have this problem. However - in all fairness - minor fitment issues like this are not terribly uncommon with aftermarket struts.

Other than that the fit, finish and installation were fine, and they certainly seem to perform well. If they hold up over the long term these will be far and away the best strut/shock deal available for this car.
Great Product and Recommended for Every Car Owner Review by Allan of Canada
I purchased a set of these for a 2006 Mazda 3. Overall appearance is great and well-made and this performs just like the OEM's. My observations during and after the install are as follows: The OEM strut's top seal is mounted flush on the strut body while this brand's top seal is crimped with a metal cap. The OEM white plastic cover inside the rubber boot will not fully seat on the top seal plate cap, I just left the cap on just to prevent debris from entering the strut shaft. The bottom (where you will mount to the knuckle) part of the strut is not tapered, thus, the strut will not fully go down on the knuckle, you will be off by a few millimeters, just make sure you really tighten the pinch bolt on the knuckle. The hole on mounting plate for the original brake lines needs to be filled off or make a few mods so you can install the brake like clips. The rear shocks are easier to install, you also have to do a little modification on the hole were you mount the brake lines. After the complete install for the fronts, the car now rides like a brand new of the lot car. Customer service is excellent, they addressed my issues immediately after I notified them of some minor imperfection of the product. Overall, this is an excellent product in terms of price and overall performance. Sensen should do some changes especially on the bottom part the front strut which should be slightly tapered. This could be a safety concern if the DIY person installing this strut on a similar car did not fully tighten the pinch bolt on the front knuckle whenever the strut will not fully go down the knuckle. This product have a lifetime warranty (as advertised), I hope, this will not fail in just a few months, but let’s see if Sensen will live to its advertised promise. I will suggest this product to everyone.
Great value, plus the warranty equals win! Review by eroars
Purchased for my 2007 Speed3, and other than a dremel fix to the struts, the install went pretty quickly. Dampening feels stock but at a much better price. Highly recommend.

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APX Installation of Front Struts on a 2004-2011 Mazda 3
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