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Sensen Shocks & Struts Reviews

We find that a lot of people out there are skeptical about the quality of our product line because we are so much cheaper than the competition. We can assure you that SENSEN shocks & struts are a product where affordability meets quality. You don't have to take our word for it. Here is what some of our most valued customers have to say:


"Just a note of thanks for the great parts and excellent customer service. The parts were exactly as promised, however one part needed to be replaced due to a mounting misalignment from the manufacturer. The call to the customer service line was promptly answered by a very knowledgeable agent. She knew the part identity and could discuss the alignment issue of the part with confidence.

To resolve the issue, a new replacement part was shipped the very same day and arrived promptly as promised. This purchase was handled with complete customer trust with an accommodating flare. Real "counter intelligence" is the secret."

~N. Licari

"I put sensen struts on my 2003 civic lx and lowered it 2 inches on skunk 2 lowering springs. installing them wasnt bad. the ride felt factory. not one complaint about them. i have a 92 civic now and the previous owner lowered it on factory struts. i definitely plan on replacing them with sensen. "


"The ride is fantastic. Don't look any where else.  Overnight delivery was awesome!  Great look and not to mention a great ride.  "


"I recently replaced all four struts on our 2006 Camry, and what a difference!  The rears were the most worn out, and the new ones corrected the squatting when accelerating, and the tail-lift when braking.  Perhaps the best part was the price, I felt I wasn't getting overcharged.  Can't beat this deal!"

~Dan Q

"I purchased and installed all four a couple of weeks ago.  The ride quality is much firmer now and handling and control is much improved over my originals (which had 65k miles and one busted front strut).  The build quality looks much like OEM.  I am told by a mechanic they they look like KYB.  I was highly impressed with the fast shipping and service I received before the sale from APX.  The only thing I would have done differently is purchase the strut mounts from APX.  They have them, you just need to call for the part number.  Mine were fine but I think it would have been better with new ones. I recommend having a tire shop do the mount and spring swap for you instead of renting a compression tool.  It does not cost much and will save you time and possibly injury and aggravation.  That is what I did and it was worth the $50.  Took them about 30 minutes to do both."


"II put these on myself and what a quality shock.  The other brands like KYB and Monroe cost more because of marketing and profit margins not because of quality.  Great price, Great product."


"The fit, finish and installation were fine, and they certainly seem to perform well. If they hold up over the long term these will be far and away the best strut/shock deal available for this car."


"I have a 1994 Toyota Camry and the front struts were not fitting on my vehicle. I was a little angry at first but I called APX to discuss this with them. Apparently on certain 1992-1994 Camry's there is some anomaly where a they actually use the 1995-1996 front suspension. They sent me the correct set immediately and this actually fixed the problem I was having. I could have easily gone on here and started trashing the parts for not fitting but I really appreciate the way they took care of me. They were really on top of it."


"I installed these on a Speed 3, figuring the 5 set would have a bit more damping than the 3 set. This has turned out to be true and this is the way the car should ave come from the factory, unlike the garbage shocks Mazda equipped the Speed 3 with. A super value and highly recommended. "

~Darth Vad3r

"Wife's 99 Forester was wearing the tires very unevenly and I finally determined it was the front struts. I typically buy big name brands but wasnt sure how much longer we would keep this car. I have to say that I was really impressed with the quality of these Sensens. I would recommend them whether you plan on keeping your car for a while or not."